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What We Do?

We buy, operate and grow small business in the education, healthcare and consumer product sectors.

Our Approach

We take a top down approach by first understanding and identifying trends in the economy, consumer behavior and second, by  investing in profitable, stable small businesses  that benefit from an emerging trend.

Our Mission

Make meaningful impact in communities through our portfolio companies by making operational improvements, creating jobs and preserving our stake holders capital.

What we look for?

Cash flow positive proven business model with a strong product-market fit.

Financial Attributes:

  • Annual revenue range $3.0m– $6.0m

  • Stable revenue growth 10% y-o-y

  • EBITDA range: $450k - $1.2m 

  • Positive customer reviews

  • Low customer churn

  • Recurring revenue

Ownership situation:

  • Founder-operator run

  • Retirement-seeking

  • Limited family involvement

  • Management to transition / exit

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